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Google Adwords PPC Management Services

PPC is a great way to get visitors when you need traffic and you need it now. We are committed to provide you a high-level view of pay per click advertising and delivering high ROI through constant monitoring, testing and better targeting of keywords.

You must have seen the topmost links on your search engine whenever you look for something. That is what the paid search marketing does. With the optimization of your webpage, bidding on keywords and getting a higher quality score is where we step in to help you. Webber technologies help you with paid search marketing by optimizing your webpage and with the most relevant keyword research help your campaign get the top ranks to make it visible on the topmost searches.


Paid Search Marketing Services

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Bing Advertising
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Remarketing
  5. Shopping Ads Management

Increase your visibility globally with the help of our team of SEO experts that will study the market for your competition and provide the workable solution to outshine the market standards and increase the traffic on the website. Relevant keywords contribute the most in paid search marketing. We shall help you run the campaign on the most relevant keywords that is cost effective and performance driven.

What is included in PPC Management services?

  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Call Tracking
  • Ad Submission
  • MS Sharepoint
  • PPC Monitoring
  • Pay-Per-Click Cost Management
  • Help with Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Campaign Improvement Modifications
  • Competitive Research & Execution
  • Landing page development and improvements (as an additional service)

Planning and Research

To stand out in your online business and being successful requires a lot of planning and research. Our experts will help you with stratigical planning and research.

Ad Campaign Structure

Every search engine allows ad campaigns to follow a defined structure. We will help you with the accurate ad structure to get instant approval and higher rank.

Conversion Optimization

After campaigning begins, the challenge lies in optimizing it gets successful conversions. Placing the tracking code at the right place helps get absolute conversion. Let us do it for you.

Reporting and Analysis

Recognizing the improvement areas with the performance reports analysis comes best with the assistance and campaign performance improvement strategies from the experts.