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Facebook vs. Instagram: The better platform for your business

Beginner marketers consider launching a social media campaign. Experienced marketers launch a social media campaign on Facebook. Smart marketers study all social media platforms and launch successful integrated social media campaigns on the platforms that are best for their business

Let’s be honest, social media marketing is a versatile, cost-effective and powerful tool to use for marketers and small business owners alike. It helps to reach the target audience, boosts sales, increases brand recognition, enhances conversion rates, boosts traffic to your website and even, improves search engine rankings. No wonder, then, that more and more businesses decide to include social media in their marketing strategies.


Facebook and Instagram: what do they have to offer?

Among all social media platforms there are two, which are the most interactive and so, can give you a remarkable ROI: Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook, as you probably already know, is big. Actually, it’s more than big. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has grown so much that the average number of daily users for June, 2018 equals 1.47 billion. Although it’s original mission was to help people stay in touch with their friends and family members, nowadays, it also helps companies reach their customers through advertising.